Kris Vanston

Kris Vanston - executive producer

The belief of hitting targets by creating every cliché piece of content you've seen is traditionally a safe way to tick off a project, but Kris strives to blend key marketing elements with storytelling as well as unique production techniques to produce content that is hard hitting and effective. Kris has a strong ability to manage a brand identity, develop and drive consistency across written style, visuals, tone and contextualisation of a brief, which is vital to meet broader strategic objectives, creating content that matters.

Grant Muller

Grant MUller - STRATEGY management

With over 30 years experience, Grant has worked with some of media's best and brightest. Running a successful PR company; Impact Corporate Communications for the past 21 years, his focus is on creating optimum quality outcomes with a diverse range of projects. Grant's use of PR and marketing knowledge reinforce efficient and effective communications within a clear time frame. A straight talker, Grant hits the ground hard with the goal to build your business through click worthy content and clever communications from local business to global brands.

beau - Director Of good vibes

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 8.02.17 pm.png

Beau’s wealth of experience goes far beyond the expectations of both Marver crew and clients. He has not only been entertaining but has created epic energy and vibes for the past 5 years. His sales ability is second to none, but where he really excels is inspiring positivity and smiles to anyone willing. He loves tennis, AFL, soccer, basketball, baseball and anything else with balls and loves culinary experiences of almost any type.