Content formats - Projects from Marver

TVC - Television Commercial advertisements

TVC is an audio-visual advertisement aired on free or subscription TV stations. Usually they’re a minute or less but they can also be program-length ‘infomercials’.

Client: McGuire Media for Channel 7

TBF Director: Kris Vanston

Client: Fed Square

Producer/Edit/Grading: Kris Vanston

Client: LeasePlan

Producer/Edit/Grading: Kris Vanston

Client: NBA 'Playoffs' for ESPN

TBF Creative Producer: Kris Vanston

Client: The Big Freeze Worldwide

Producer/Camera/Editor: Kris Vanston

Internal Communications (stakeholder)

Communications among stakeholders, colleagues and potential clients are some of the most vital. Piece to camera content, or pitch packages greatly increase the effectiveness of communication objectives and can maximise the importance of any message. 

Client: Hamish & Andy for General Sponsorships

Producer/Camera/Edit/Graphics: Kris Vanston

Client: Eddie McGuire for Crown

Producer/Camera/Edit/Graphics: Kris Vanston

AERIAL showreel 2018



Client: Waterford Rise

Creative/Camera/Edit/Graphics: Kris Vanston


There is no creative limit, only the question, what if? Content makers stay can offer something unique to their clients excel in the ability to enhance communication strategies in new emerging ways. Marver offers high performance, reliable and high definition production tools that are emerging on the market.

Client: MIT (University)

Timelapse Camera/Edit: Kris Vanston

Client: West Brunswick Football Club

Producer/Camera/Edit/Graphics: Kris Vanston


An interview can help give you and your brand great exposure in front of your target audience and also help you to visually connect with your audience, build trust and let people feel like they know you.

Client: Justin Bieber for the World Famous Rooftop

Presentor: Kris Vanston

Client: Enlitic San Francisco USA

Director/Editor: Kris Vanston

Explain Videos

Format: Explain videos highlight business agenda, proposals or objectives to potential clients, stakeholders or investors. Examples could include; pitching an idea that needs investing or describing what a product or service does.

Client: The Big Freeze Worldwide

Producer/Writer/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: Wayfinder

Writer/Graphics/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: SnapScan

Voice/Writer/Graphics: Kris Vanston

POST campaign Reports

Format: These video reports reassure clients and give them a broad overview on numbers, the outcome and how their campaign travelled through it's various channels throughout the campaign. 

Client: Thirsty Camel

Producer/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: ANZ Tennis Hotshots

Producer/Editor: Kris Vanston

Sizzle reels

Sizzle reels are short videos that combine highly produced fast-paced, stylized overviews of a product, service, initiative or brand. These can become a crucial part of any business's communications process and help convey key messages to consumers, clients and other target audiences.

Client: Hamish & Andy

Written/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: Triple M Footy

Produced/Written/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: Fox FM

Producer/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: The Studio at SCA

Producer/Shot/Editor: Kris Vanston

brand Introduction videos

A short statement of an organisation's purpose, identifying the scope of its operations, what kind of product or service it provides, its primary customers or market, and its geographical region of operation.

Client: Genius People

Producer/Shot/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: Message Media

Producer/Shot/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: Marver Pty Ltd

Producer/Creative/Written: Kris Vanston

Client: AF Training Studios

Producer/Shot/Editor: Kris Vanston

Pitch Presentation videos

Pitch video is a popular way for investors to view a pitch and understand what you have to offer. It can also be used to support business proposals alongside quotes and written documentation.

Client: Dodo Internet

Producer/Editor: Kris Vanston

Client: Marvel Studios

Producer/Graphics/Editor: Kris Vanston