Our Elevator Pitch setup

Our Elevator Pitch setup

We'll sit you down for 30 minutes, and either prep a script beforehand to read from a teleprompter, or ask you the following questions about your business which you will need to prepare for on the day.

1. Who are you?

2. What do you do?

3. What does your brand/business do differently?

4. What makes you passionate about what you do?

5. Call to action/how can people find you?

Then, we cut that together, create motion graphics and watermark your video with your logo.  The final product is a 60 second video designed to give your clients an authentic insight to what your business does, gain client trust, and put a face to your brand.

Quick and easy customised pitch videos that you'll receive back in just 3 business days.


Example Video from Indi Imports