21 tips to make you confident on camera!

We’ve been doing this filming thing for a while now. But even the most experienced speakers can get nervous in front of the camera. Use these 21 tips to destroy those nerves and film with confidence!

1. Werk that camera! Make a point of choosing an outfit you feel comfortable in. Anything tailored, clean, and wrinkle-free is a great start. But make it on brand for yourself or your business.

2. Use time to your advantage. You definitely don’t want to feel rushed, any Marver shoots will have more than enough time for you to practise and nail those lines before the camera rolls. There’s nothing quite as sweet as a well-made video you worked hard on, look good on, and say the perfect words on. There’s good editors around so don’t worry too much if you get stuck!

3. Note your best time of day, generally speaking. If you are at your best in the morning, schedule filming then, and vice-versa if you are better in the late afternoon. This will help ensure you have the right mindset for speaking enthusiastically.

4. Drink a good coffee before filming to give yourself a little pep in your step if you are feeling low on energy. Double espresso is our fav!

5. Check your body language, maybe in a mirror. You can also pretend your reflection is another person you are speaking to. Body language is hugely imporant in video, so practise makes perfect. Your director will tell you if it’s too much, so take it easy!

6. Stay hydrated by taking sips of water or hot tea between takes. Marver will make sure you are hydrated AF! Tea, coffee, water, Kombucha, whatever you want! Your parched throat could ruin a great take otherwise!

7. Learn the script, but don’t memorise it word for word. You might sound stiff, or speak in a monotone if you’re reciting from memory. You need to come across as genuine. Be comfortable enough with your talking points that you’re able to speak naturally during filming, but still cover everything critical.

8. Don’t be sweaty. Wear an outfit that will conceal sweat stains in case the spotlight or your nerves make you sweat. In between takes, your director may blot your face with tissues or we’ll have a neutral powder on hand to avoid shine on camera.

9. Be aware of any nervous tics you have, and actively monitor them when in front of the camera. These may include constantly clearing your throat, scrunching or wiggling your eyebrows, wringing your hands, cracking your knuckles, tapping your foot, shifting back and forth or swaying, blinking excessively, swallowing hard, and saying “um”, “uh”, or “like” too often. If you catch yourself tensing up, take deep breaths and relax your shoulders to pull yourself out of it. You may need a 5 minute break.

Vocal warm-ups

10. Do vocal warm ups. It’s a thing. You can do this by yourself or during the camera setup, start out by speaking about anything you are passionate about to warm up and turn on your “speaker” personality. You can even get some help from some online videos.

11. Relax! Immediately prior to filming, do whatever makes you relax. This could be exercising, yoga, meditating, eating your favorite snack, singing at the top of your lungs (maybe do this one in your car…). You get the idea!

12. Be authentic! Look directly into the camera or the interviewer as if it were a real conversation. It is a little awkward, but we’ll have a producer directly next to the camera so that your eyes are at the same level and you’ll look great on camera.

13. Do not go for perfect. As you are speaking, if you go off-script a bit it’s perfect, keep going instead of stopping or making the “uh-oh” face. Your audience will never know!

14. Watch both good and bad videos prior to filming your own, and take notes! This will not only entertain you, but will help you give you an insight on what not to do! Prep yourself, you never know what could happen in the world of showbiz!

15. Limit all distractions, including unnecessary people on the set, or in your field of view. Be doubly sure to eliminate any unnecessary sounds, such as your phone, background noise, or alarms you have set.

16. Take five minutes to mentally relax each body part section by section. Start with the top of your head, down to your eyebrows, your stomach, and all the way down to your toes! Get the headspace app, that’s pretty good!

17. Keep still! If you get shaky legs or shift back and forth despite your best efforts not to, you might need a small chocolate break.

18. Organisation is key. Carefully plan your script, filming schedule, and the logistics of the filming process ahead of time so that you have nothing to worry about.

19. Jump around and do a few push-ups or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and blood flowing just before filming!

20. Have fun! This doesn’t happen everyday so make the most of it. It’s an exciting time to represent yourself or your business. No pressure but this is a great opportunity to advance your own career as well as a brand. We look forward to seeing you at our studios! Get the ball rolling and book yourself a 30 minute shoot at www.marver.com.au.

21. Wrap Party! You’re done! Congrats! However you like to celebrate, organise to do that, then go and do it! You deserve it!

We hope these tips help you when you are filming your next video! If you have any other tips to share, share them with us here, or drop us a messege on our website www.marver.com.au