Press Release: Marver consolidates their media assets

A large consolidation of media assets has been underway on Collins street since the 3rd August 2018. Marver PTY LTD consolidated all their media assets under the one banner “Marver.” The reason for the move to do strengthen the Marver brand and continue to offer the services Marver clients and stakeholders have with the company.

The Big Freeze - Marver 2018

The Big Freeze - Marver 2018

Starting with Podcam 360 or otherwise known as ‘The Big Freeze’, Marver has taken on license rights to be able to sell the US based system in Australia and will continue to do so under the Marver brand. “The Big Freeze Worldwide” is an incredible asset and we think it’s potential will drastically increase if we push The Big Freeze brand from with the Marver walls.” - Kris Vanston; Executive Producer of Marver says. For further information on this partnership, see the press release from The Big Freeze Worldwide at

Creative Campaigns

Creative Campaigns Collective is an exciting brand for news and current trends within the advertising and production industries. With a successful history ‘CCC’ was an exciting endeavor which always came back to the R&D of the Marver brand. ‘CCC’ will be also renamed and merged under the department ‘Marver Creative’ but just be referred to as Marver. “The move was pretty straight forward, a lot of the communications from Creative Campaigns Collective kept coming back to Marver as an unneeded blur to the Marver brand, considering Marver does the research, it just makes sense to continue the work under Marver.” - Mr Vanston stated.

Marver Vikar

Vikar is one of Marver’s leading products in their 360 space and has been the catalyst for change to the way the company has been thinking. Vikar has inspired other projects in the timelapse space and aerial videography also. Vikar will be renamed Marver as the product. “The decision to rename Vikar was a logical naming move.

Marver has put itself a the creative, production and distribution of content for client, to add to this we expect the Marver name to make far more sense to Vikar as we continue to grow!